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What Is Data Science?

Data Science is a Concept to unify statistics, data analysis and their related methods "to understand and analyze actual phenomena" with data. It employs techniques and theories drawn from many cluster analysis, data mining, databases, and visualization.
The Data Science Training enables you to gain knowledge of the entire Life Cycle of Data Science, analyzing and visualizing different data sets, different Machine Learning Algorithms like Linear regression, K-Means Clustering, Decision Tress, Random Forest, Neural Network, different optimization techniques and advanced concept in data science.

Why is Data Science becoming so popular?

1. High Salaries:
From tech startups to Fortune 500 companies, data scientists are a hot commodity. A McKinsey study predicts that by 2017 the U.S. could face a shortage of almost 200,000 people with “deep analytical skills.” No surprise, then, that they boast an eye-popping average starting salary of around $120,000 per annum. The demand for data scientists is similar in Aisa, particularly in India with awesome salaries from the very beginning of the career!

2. Used in all industries

Data scientists use a combination of Hadoop, Spark, R, Python, Panda, and other programming languages to solve business challenges. With unprecedented autonomy and respect, data scientists work across various departments gaining the confidence
of C-level executives. According to Linda Burtch, managing director at executive recruiting firm Burtch Works, “Within 10 years, if you’re not a data geek, you can forget about being in the C-suite.”

3. Make a difference
Data science is about more than a cushy salary and rubbing shoulders with tech elite.
Many of the best bootcamps and fellowships work with government and non-profit groups
on a variety of social projects. The University of Chicago’s Data Science for Social
Good fellowship even pays fellows an $11,000 – $16,000 stipend.

4. It is a global trend
A globalized economy means cultures mix in workplaces like never before.
Understanding data science helps you speak an international language that contributes to
the bottom line from day one.

5. Industry thinks Data Scientists are sexy
The 20th century gave us alluring job titles like astronaut, stockbroker, and professional
gamer. Now there’s a new sheriff in town when it comes titillating titles. Harvard Business
Review calls data scientist “the sexiest job of the 21st Century.”

Why Should I do a Data Science Course?

The data age is here, and it is here to stay.Those organisations that fail to adapt to this development are at great risk of going extinct sooner rather than later. This means there will always be a huge demand for data scientists.

There are many jobs available in this domain and it is not surprising why. All the largest companies in the world use some form of Data Science and this creates a huge job opportunity for skilled individuals.

Unlike most IT courses, this course is suitable for anyone, regardless of their educational background. Whether you are a postgrad, undergrad or +12, whether you studied Science, Commerce or Arts, there is equal opportunity for everyone.

Perhaps the best pull of Data Science is that you can work from home. If you are good with the subject, you will have ample opportunities to work from anywhere that you like.

Why Pace for the Data Science Course?

IBM Certification
We are an IBM CE (Career Education) Authorized partner and offer IBM Certification programs. No other institute can offer this.

Industry Connect
At PACE™ we are renowned for our recruitment consulting expertise. We have very strong industry connects and this means that at PACE™ you will find the right opportunity waiting for you. The Corporate exposure that you will get with us is unparalleled.

Course Structure
The Data Science courses that we offer have been designed by a panel of SMEs(Subject Matter Experts) who have a strong professional and academic record in the field.

All our faculties have real time experience. This means that apart from covering all the topics in theory, the students will be introduced to key concepts on how to apply their learning in a practical, real-world environment

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